Online Music Lessons for Composers, Producers & Arrangers


As crazy as it may seem to make a career in the music industry, it’s not really that hard if you actually put your mind to it. Music as a career option is something that people are afraid to pursue. Maybe it’s because of how competitive the industry is. But with the right mentors and their guidance, it’s gonna be an easy walk for you down the music industry. So one might obviously wonder what are the Best online Music Classes


Now one of the essential things that you might need to look for in your search of finding a perfect place to learn the art of music and get guided into the music industry is your convenience. Music being one of the purest forms of arts can not be rushed or taught under pressure. It needs to be learned and understood at your own pace, and one of the best ways to do so is to get your music education online!


Yes, as we are moving forward, everything around is getting digitalized, then why should you not take your education online too? Because if you decide to do a course on mastering music in an online mode, then you can start your musical journey from the comfort of your home, at your own learning pace, and still get the classroom experience that you desire. So the only stone that is left unturned is what are the Best Online Music Classes? Well to make it easier for you, we have compiled our suggestions for the Best Online Music Classes-


1)Whiz League X Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music(SAM)

is offering the Artist Certificate Program. Aimed at independent artists looking to launch their music careers, this 3 modules online program equips students with all the tools necessary to excel in the ever-emerging digital music industry. Students will learn the foundation of music theory, music production, and music business. Apart from the world-class faculty at SAM, students also get access to Guru Randhawa's Whiz Course and launchpad. With a capstone project that includes students composing, producing, and publishing their own music, the Artist Certificate Program ensures that aspiring artists launch their music careers at the end of the program. Learn the basics of music notation, contemporary harmony, composition, arranging, music production, and publishing!


2) Reva University

School of Performing Arts of Reva university is offering a Certificate and Diploma in Performing Arts in the fields of music which will teach you about the history and development of Indian music along with some of the basic skills that you need to learn, which will help you branch out a career in the music industry.


3) Atlanta Institute of Music and Media

Is a pioneering international institute with an approach to providing vocational training for musicians in audio production and recording engineering. With a hybrid model of teaching the course, the college will help you become Pro Tools Certified, and help you to pursue a career in the music industry. The only thing about the course is that it has no base in Indian music or the Bollywood industry in India.                                                                       


4. Shankar Mahadevan Academy

It is one of the pioneering institutes for learning music in India, which was established by the musician Shankar Mahadevan. The institute offers a bunch of different courses on different topics and areas of the music industry that one might master. But to get the whole bundle of knowledge from the Mahadevan Academy, you will have to study from a lot of courses as the information is distributed across many different courses. 


There might be many courses out there where you can learn the music skills, but it is up to you to decide which institute deserves your time and energy. So choose wisely on what path of music you decide to walk on eventually, nevertheless, Whiz League will always be among your biggest fans for following your dream career.