Everything You Need to Know About Whiz League’s “Christmas CookBook”


Christmas! Isn't it the most wonderful and cheerful time of the year? From the cold wind entering our houses making us shiver to the core, to all the festivities we get to enjoy. But one of the things people look forward to the most in winters is to enjoy the Hot Food that we can’t really devour in the Sweaty Summers. That’s why, we at Whiz league decided to do something about it and we present to you the Whiz League’s Christmas Cookbook, Your one-stop solution to all your food cravings. Now we don’t know if we are Santa or not, But we do have a lot of gifts and offers for you in our Christmas Cookbook which we are elated to give you. 

The term Christmas Cookbook was initially coined by a gaggle of creative people at Whiz League, which later went on to become a Social Media Campaign. The Idea behind the Christmas Cookbook originated from the problem that many people wanted to learn how to cook and didn’t know where to start. Like obviously there’s tons of content online, but usually, it's about a particular dish, and not about Cooking. Cooking is an art that many people possess but only a few have been able to master. But we are about to change that with the help of our Whiz Masters by spreading the love of cooking in your houses so that this Christmas, You can be the Santa to your loved ones' tummies.

The goal of the Christmas CookBook campaign is to encourage everyone to learn various dishes from around the country and world with our expert Culinary Masters so that no one will miss out on Delicious Food this Christmas. The campaign simply drives people on how easy it can be for someone to learn and cook, irrespective of their age and gender.  It aims to boost the passion to cook, experiment, and learn to become self-dependent.


Now, We all know the ABCs of Cooking and Culinary,  but Culinary is not just about making something that you can eat. It’s about bringing together all the elements of a recipe to cook a delicious meal. Good food is all about quality and presentation, something which will take your appetite to Cloud 9 just by its looks and smell, without even tasting the food. So Channel your Passion to Cook by learning the Culinary Skills in our Whiz Courses which includes features like -


• Learn from the Masters

There’s no better feeling than learning something that you are passionate about from someone who's already turned their Passion into dreams. So to Equip you with the best Culinary Skills, Whiz League presents to you a team of World-Renowned chefs which feature Chefs and Restaurateurs like Ranveer Brar, Kunal Kapur, Vicky Ratnani, Rachel Goenka, Anuj Wadhwan, and Gaurav Chawla.


• Variety of Courses

The Whiz League’s Christmas CookBook has a range of courses, which will fulfill all your cravings and get you ready to cook multi-course meals. So, all your cravings for Starters, Main Courses, Desserts, Healthy/Spicy Meals will be Satisfied. While Chefs are sharing their best encounters with the dishes, they also mention do's and don’ts about them to bring your food to the utmost perfection.


• USP of Christmas CookBook

Christmas CookBook has its USP that provides the proper amount of knowledge with its beautifully customized lessons which have something for everyone. All lessons are pre-recorded in HD quality and might be accessed anytime, anywhere. The courses are outlined to be self-paced allowing you to total them at your comfort. The courses contain different dishes, tips & tricks, techniques, and stories behind them. It also covers the history and origin of some famous dishes.


• Certificate of Excellence

When you register for any of these courses and complete the course by passing the quiz, you’ll get the certificate signed by the masters. You can also purchase the whole culinary bundle by getting the WHIZ Mega Culinary Certificate, which will get you certified with all the courses.  You must score at least 70% and above to complete the course and get certified. You can take the quiz again if you fail to cross the cut-off.


• Launchpad Opportunity

Okay. So, here’s the twist in the tale. The Whiz League not only believes in providing practical education but also gives you a chance to launch your career right beside our Whiz Masters. Once you complete your course, subsequently you will be given an assignment by the Whiz Masters, on completing which you get a chance to assist them on their culinary projects and get hands-on experience and mentorship from the MasterChef's themselves. 


We all know that there's no age for learning new skills and since we’ve established that your best bet of polishing your culinary skills is from the Whiz League’s Christmas CookBook, hurry up to get the most suitable Culinary Course today. So instead of waiting for others to give you a gift, give yourself some new culinary skills and cook yourself some amazing meals. Also, rather than giving your loved ones regular, old-school materialistic Christmas Gifts, Gift them these Culinary Skills from Whiz League, Something they’ll Remember and Cherish every time they cook. So, put on your Chef Coat, Tie your Apron, and join the Christmas Cook-fest by learning to cook from Whiz League’s Christmas Cookbook.