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Kunal image

Kunal Kapur 2

Learn to Conquer International Curries

Kunal Kapur 2 22 learn-to-conquer-international-curries 999 Whizleague CULINARY class 0
Ranveer image

Ranveer Brar

Learn to Master Spices

Ranveer Brar 3 mastering-the-world-of-spices 999 Whizleague CULINARY class 1
Vicky image

Vicky Ratnani

Learn Healthy Cooking

Vicky Ratnani 11 learn-to-master-healthy-cooking 999 Whizleague CULINARY class 2
Kunal image

Kunal Kapur

Learn to Conquer Indian Curries

Kunal Kapur 21 conquer-indian-curries 999 Whizleague CULINARY class 3
Priyank image

Priyank Sukhija

Learn To Run A Successful Restaurant

Priyank Sukhija 5 running-a-succesful-restaurant-empire 999 Whizleague ENTREPRENEURSHIP class 4
Guru image

Guru Randhawa

Learn to Become a Rockstar

Guru Randhawa 6 becoming-a-rockstar 999 Whizleague PERFORMING ARTS class 5

why whiz league?


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What is Whiz League?

Whiz League is a revolutionary learning and career launching platform that offers courses by celebrities and industry experts.

What is the format of the Whiz Course?

Each course is meticulously structured into multiple short modules that cover different learning areas. All modules are pre-recorded in HD quality and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Our courses are designed to be self-paced allowing you to complete them at your own convenience.

Who will be teaching the Whiz courses?

All the Whiz courses are pre-recorded with our Whiz masters. They are one of the best in their industry and are here to share their secret to success, insights and learnings with you on Whiz League.

What is Whiz Launchpad?

Whiz Launchpad is a paid upgrade to the Whiz Courses. It allows applicants to apply by submitting an assignment pertaining to the course. A board of jury members shortlists applications and selected applicants will get the golden opportunity to collaborate with the Whiz experts in the format described in on the artist specific page.

What is the selection process for the Whiz Launchpad? How will I be informed?

Applicants must submit the assignment as per the guidelines mentioned on the course page. Selection Criteria varies for each course and is shared on the course specific FAQs. The submitted assignment is scored by an in-house jury based on the stated selection criteria. Top ten applicants are featured on Whiz League and shared with the Whiz expert. Top applicants get the golden opportunity to collaborate with the Whiz expert in the stated format. Selected applicants will be informed via email.

If my application is not selected, will my money be refunded?

We review and score each assignment sincerely, meticulously and fairly. We do not issue a refund, incase the applicant's assignment is not selected.

Can I subscribe only to the Whiz Launchpad?

We believe that the Whiz Course will better equip you with the knowledge and insights to submit your best work; hence we do not allow you to exclusively subscribe to the Whiz Launchpad.

In which language are the Whiz courses taught?

All our courses use a mix of Hindi and English.

How long are the courses and the modules?

Each course is designed to give you the best knowledge and insight possible via short crisp modules. Recommended time to complete the course: 1 week

Can I access the content offline?

The video content cannot be accessed offline. All downloadable content including whizbooks are emailed to your registered email ID and can be downloaded from there to be made available offline.

Will I get a certificate on completing the course?

Your certificate signed by the whiz expert will be mailed to you upon completing the course and the quiz successfully. In order to complete the course, you must score 70% and above on the quiz. Simply registering for the course does not make you eligible for the certificate. Once you have obtained the required marks on the quiz, go to your 'My Courses' dashboard, select the course, select get certificate and receive your certificate via email.

What is the format and difficulty level of the quiz?

The quiz is designed to help you validate your learning and is structured in simple multiple-choice questions. On scoring 70% or more the user is awarded the digital certificate.

Can I give the quiz again to increase my score?

Yes, as the quiz is designed to help you self-evaluate your learning from the course.

Is there an age limit or prior knowledge required to be eligible for the whiz course?

It never too late or early to learn! No prior knowledge in the field is required to be eligible for the course.

How can I access the Whiz courses & the Whiz Launchpad?

You can access the platform across all mobile, laptop, TV and tablet devices by logging in on our website ( or on our IOS and Android app "Whiz League"

How long do I have access to the courses?

You will have lifelong access to the downloadable workbook and your digital certificate. However, you have complete access to all video content of all the courses you subscribe to for a period of 1 year from the day of registeration.

What is your refund policy?

Once subscribed to any of the Whiz courses or the Whiz Launch Pad, subscribers are not eligible for a refund on their purchase.