WIN! LEARN! COOK! Scholarship Contest


Privilege is a word that we all know about but something that most of us fail to acknowledge. We fail to appreciate all the things that we’ve been blessed with and others have been deprived of. But what matters is how we embrace the things that we have and how we can find a way to help those who aren’t as privileged as we are.


As Whiz League is moving towards its journey to bring a revolution in the skill industry of this country with its multiple offerings, one of them being its top of the class university courses which are helping students get equipped with industry-ready skills, that’ll help them secure a future for themselves in the industry. Now, these university courses are backed up and taught by some of the leading universities out there, and the amount of knowledge that one can get from this course is not quantifiable since they are in the premium segment, we have a chance for you to enjoy this course with scholarship.


Yes! Whiz league has launched a WIN, LEARN, COOK Scholarship Contest with an aim to provide an opportunity for anyone and everyone to get a fair chance at getting admission to one of the most prestigious courses in the Culinary industry, the Whiz League X TEDCO School of Culinary Arts’ Online Diploma in Culinary Arts. This course is one of its kind online diploma program that helps a student to develop their culinary skills in each and every aspect as per the industry standards. The course is taught by the world-class faculty at TEDCO as well as celebrity chefs and industry experts at whiz league. This 3 Month program is meticulously designed keeping in mind the requirements of the hospitality and culinary industry. 


Now as far as the Win, Learn, Cook Scholarship contest is concerned, it’s going to be held virtually and people are going to be participating in it and submitting their cases to win the scholarships. The submissions are going to come over from all over the nation and beyond and each and every participant apart from sharing their basic contact details will have to answer the following questions-


1)Why is Cooking your passion? What makes it so special for you?

2) Why do you think you deserve to win this Scholarship at Whiz League X TEDCO?

3)How will this scholarship help you and your career?


After all these questions are answered, we will evaluate all the answers from all the entries and will announce the winners. But did you notice that we just said winners and not just a winner? Yes! You read that right, as we are not just having one winner but multiple winners so that we are able to enhance and enrich the lives of multiple people with the same arrow. So the prizes for the winners are-


1st Position - 100% Scholarship on TEDCO Programme (1 winner)

2nd Position - 50% Scholarship on TEDCO Programme(1 winner)

3rd Position - 30% Scholarship on TEDCO Programme (3 winners )


So to sum it all up, there will be 5 people who will be winning this scholarship and all of these people will be given shoutouts on our social media platforms. So what are you waiting for? Take out your phone or laptop or whatever and click here to submit your application for the Win, Learn, Cook scholarship contest and start a new chapter in your journey towards conquering the culinary industry.