Whiz League’s launching Corporate Hospitality Online training programs


The hospitality industry is probably one of the most rapidly growing industries in the country as well as the world. But for this growth, the hospitality industry requires a lot of manpower, and when we say manpower, we mean skilled manpower. Many a time, people seem to ignore how a skilled team and an unskilled team could impact the growth of a business. Especially the hospitality industry, which soars on the shoulders of its human resources, is in dire need of a skilled workforce which could be at par with the international standards of the hospitality industry.


That is why, to bridge this gap between the hospitality industry and the skilled workforce, whiz league has launched its Corporate upskilling programs for the hospitality industry. These training programs are the best option for you if you wish to upskill your team and grow your business multiple folds. These programmes are also conducted in an online and pre-recorded format so that it's easy for the trainees to learn new skills in their comfort.


Right now, Whiz League has launched four programs for the upskilling of employees in the Hospitality industry which include-

i) Hotel Guest Relations and Servicing (Interlink to the course page)

ii) Hotel FnB, Accounting and Tech (Interlink to the course page)

iii) Restaurant Guest Relations and Servicing(Interlink to the course page)

iv) Restaurant FnB and Leadership (Interlink to the course page)


All of these courses are designed meticulously to ensure that the trainees who have enrolled on these courses have been equipped with the state-of-the-art skills in the industry which will help them perform better at their job. Apart from that as well, the hospitality industry is so dynamic and versatile that it’s enough for the employees to just know what their duties or responsibilities are. These employees also need to plan well ahead for various activities and prepare for any bad incident that might happen in their Hotel or restaurant. That’s why it's not enough for the employees to be just trained about their tasks, but also about various other things which might affect the satisfaction of the guests or the reputation and goodwill of the hotel. 


Whiz League's Corporate Learning Programs for the Hospitality Industry is designed to make sure that we prepare the trainees for the best and the worst situations that they might face while they are working in Hotels/Restaurants dealing with guests. If you aspire to become one of the key players in the hospitality industry, then upskill your employees by training them with Whiz League’s Hospitality Learning Program.