Whiz League and its Institutional Way of Learning


We all think that we possess many talents. Many of us think that we sing good enough, or dance good enough, or can make graphics good enough, can edit videos and photos well enough. But the thing is that if you want to make a career out of any of these fields, then we can assure you that “Good Enough” is never going to be enough. 


After we noticed a massive response from all the WHIZards, who enrolled in and loved the multiple Whiz Courses they took which helped them to learn so much about the field of their choices by our Whiz Masters and helped them polish and enhance their skills, we thought about, what’s next? The Whiz courses helped you all to learn about the basics of the said fields and introduced you to the Industries but if you are passionate about any of those fields, then we know how you can advance your career ahead.


You see, Our education system is still focusing on the plain old degree courses which teach us how to build a life but forget to teach us how to live it. We all are passionate about something or the other apart from the studies and jobs but only a fistful of people actually pursue what they are really passionate about. But do you ever wonder why is that?


It’s very simple. It’s because people look for job security and want to start earning to become financially independent. But what if we tell you that we have a way that you take the next step towards chasing your dream career without leaving your work, studies, or your job?


Presenting to you the WHIZ University Courses, the train you need to board to reach your dream career. To put it into simple words, we are providing you an opportunity to fast-track your dream career by bridging the gap between the world-renowned institutes offering amazing courses which are full of practical knowledge that will give you in-depth knowledge about the field of your choice from the very basics and You, who is passionate about learning in detail about them.


The multifaceted Whiz University Programme features courses from the following institutes-


1) SwarnaBhoomi Academy of Music (SAM) - An Institute certified by the Australian Institute of Music established in 2010, offering a 3 Month Foundation Course on Music Theory, Notation, and their application in student’s primary instruments in a batch of only 5 students.


2) Australian Institute of Music (AIM) - A self-affiliated legacy school that was established in 1968 in Melbourne, Australia, offers a 5 week of Composing for Songwriters in a limited batch of only 10 students.


3) R.K Academy of Art & Design (RKAAD) -  An institute affiliated by the famous Delhi University, which was established in the year 2019 offers a wide range of courses in the fields of Fashion, Designing, Photography, Filmmaking and Direction, Fine and Digital Arts, etc, in restricted batches of only 25 students.


4) R.K. Films and Media Academy (RKFMA) - Another Institute which boasts affiliation from the famous Delhi University, established in 2006, offers an array of courses in the domains of Acting, Animation and Graphics Designing, Video Editing, Fine Arts and Illustration, in a  limited batch of 25. 


5) Center for Research in Art of Film and Television (CRAFT) - A Delhi university-affiliated non-profit organization established in March 2006 which aims to provide FTII / SRFTI Coaching class in CInematography to those aspiring to give the JET.


So it’s your time to become the next industry mogul in the field that you’re passionate about, and we’ll help you get there with these amazing courses which will not only teach you about these skills from basics to advance but also get you industry ready and provide you with opportunities which will help you launch your career. So start building your dream career today, because every day unutilized is a day wasted and in this race of life, why stay behind when you can get ahead by getting a quality education to drive your life.