How Whiz League is Reinventing the Digital Way of learning?


Whiz League is a revolutionizing company in the Edu-Tech sector that aims towards bringing a change in the education sector with its innovative teaching techniques.

We have all witnessed in our school life that every student is judged under the same criteria and taught the same subjects irrespective of their choice or interest. But we all have many hobbies & interests that we are passionate about and many of the people can make a career out of it, if and only given proper education and opportunity to channel their talent in the right direction. But sadly that’s not the case for most of us.


But what’s been done is done. As someone wise once said that there’s no age for learning. So keeping that in mind, to teach people about all the essential things that they are passionate about, which we didn’t learn in our schools, Whiz League presents the Whiz Way of learning, which includes an array of courses ranging in the fields of Culinary, Fashion and Graphic Designing, Entrepreneurship, Singing, Acting and so much more. Whiz League also offers university vocational courses which don’t just offer you knowledge about the domain of your interest but also presents to you opportunities to launch your career. 


What are the WHIZ Courses?

Whiz Courses are these unique offerings by The Whiz League which consists of various courses of different dynamic domains like Culinary, Entertainments and Design industry. Each Course is divided into various modules, with the help of which, module by module you can polish your skills in the field of your choice. Each Whiz Course is taught by some of the most Popular, Experienced, and known personalities of their fields like Ranveer Brar, Guru Randhawa, Kunal Kapur, Mukesh Chabra, and so many more. The Whiz Courses have the following features which make them special -


- Self-Paced Learning - The Whiz Courses are designed and recorded in a way that you can learn the skills at your own pace, it could be in a day, week, or even a month, so that you can learn by taking your time because everyone’s different.


- 24/7 Learning Access - We are all busy in our lives in our respective work and career, which means everyone’s daily schedule is designed differently. That’s why the whiz courses are curated in a way that suits all. Hence, the Whiz Courses are pre-recorded and can be accessed at any time and any day from anywhere 24/7.


- Whiz Books - Each Whiz Course comes with its own Whiz Book, which is specially curated for you by our team, and the Whiz Master, which is filled with a bundle of knowledge that you can refer to any time you want.


- Certifications - After completing every WHiz Course and passing its respective quiz, you can get a signed certificate from our Whiz Master, which officially states that you’ve taken and passed a course of the said field.


- Launchpad Opportunity - This is where things get interesting. As the Whiz League is all about practical education and opportunities, we don’t just stop at providing you the knowledge about the field you’re passionate about, but also bestow you with an opportunity to launch your career with and get mentored by the Whiz Master of your course. All you need to do is to complete the assignment given to you by the Whiz Master and be the best at it, to get this golden opportunity.


The Whiz Institutional Programme -

The Whiz Courses are the best way to start your career, but to progress ahead and to build an empire, you need to learn and garner knowledge about your field in a much deeper and organized manner and learn from the industry professionals who have already guided and paved dreams for many artistic Individuals. Therefore, to Fastrack your career, Whiz League presents to you The Whiz University Courses, a collection of Vocational Courses which are being offered by renowned Universities and Institutes like Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (SAM), Australian Institute of Music (AIM), RKAAD, RKFMA, CRAFT WIP, etc, that will teach you about the fundamentals and edify you about the expert knowledge so that you can also become an expert in that field. To know in detail about these courses, you can read our blog on The Whiz League’s Institutional Way of Learning on .  

So, to sum it up, the Whiz League is working hard to help people pursue their dreams by providing them with the practical knowledge they need to pursue their dream career and as well as providing them with amazing opportunities to launch and establish themselves in the industry.  So guide your dream to destiny by following your passion in the right direction with the right people at Whiz League.