Conquer the Indian Curries with Chef Kunal Kapur


Food is probably one of the most versatile and dynamic things that we can experiment with. From the beginning of time, one of the major activities that humans did was to gather and cook food to satisfy their hunger. And now that we’ve evolved from eating raw meat to having various full-fledged food industries, and have developed approximately 40+ cuisines all around the world, the one that is the closest to the hearts of us Indians is our very own Indian Cuisine.


Not just for the people in India, but Indian cuisine is one of the favourite cuisines of many people around the world because of its aromatic smell, its savoury flavours, and its unique texture, which has made it one of the most demanded cuisines across the globe. But what’s that one element about Indian Food that has won the hearts of people around the world? If you don’t know already, it’s the delicious Curry that lives in our hearts permanently. 


Curry, which is the base of many delicious dishes which come under the Indian Cuisine, is so versatile and dynamic that it can be changed according to the preference of any particular person and yet doesn’t lose its authenticity. But as good and tasty the curry is, it's nothing like making instant noodles. Curry is probably one of the oldest dishes that is being made in India and is still made traditionally in most of the places so that it is cooked perfectly without sacrificing its taste, and hence is hard to master, but that’s not the case anymore.


Whiz League is here to take care of all your curry needs, so you don’t need to worry anymore about that. Presenting to you all one of the most Quintessential Chefs of the Indian Culinary Industry, Masterchef Kunal Kapur, who is here to teach you all about the curries in his Whiz Course on Conquering the Indian curries. In his Whiz Course, you can go from cooking curries like an Amateur to a Professional Chef by learning all the secrets and techniques required to cook a perfect curry. In his Whiz Course, you can learn all about-


  • The History of Curry

  • Spices and other Influences

  • Do’s and Don’ts

  • Key Elements of a Curry

  • Recipes for Curries from Different regions of India

  • Marination Techniques

  • Balancing Flavours


In this Whiz Course, you not only learn about how to make curries but also how to incorporate that curry with other elements to make it into a perfect dish. Basically, this course is structured in a way that will help you to master the art of making Indian Food in such a simple and easy way that anyone can learn it, and surprise their friends and family by cooking it for them.


Kunal Kapur, who is probably one of the most famous chefs of India has included curries from all the regions of the country which have their unique influences on the recipe and taste of curry, let it be in terms of spices or their flavour or ingredients or the way that curry is cooked. These different types of Curry might be from different areas of the country, but they are all united by lovers of Curries. So join the Crazy For Curry Club by “Conquering Indian Curries” with Masterchef Kunal Kapur only at The Whiz League.