Someone once said that build a life for yourself that you don’t need a vacation from but is it possible to do so? The thing is that while choosing a career for yourself, we need to look at every aspect of it, let it be the money factor, or job stability or security, the perks, the status, etc but at the end of the day what matters the most is whether you like your job or not


In India, people look for job security in their career so that they can have a stable source of income, and hence end up sacrificing their dreams, because they don’t know how to balance them. But does job security and stability have to come at the price of your dreams and passion? NO, NO, and a BIG NO! 


Whiz League as an Edu Tech company aims towards revolutionizing the education sector and shake things up when it comes to learning and making careers in the fields where people think that there’s high competition and very low chances of establishing yourself, like Culinary Arts, Singing, Acting, Graphic Designing, Entrepreneurship, etc. Whiz League has managed to change many careers with their various offerings because of reasons like-


  • Expert Celebrity Master Classes- Whiz League provides its WHIZards an opportunity to learn from the best of the best in a particular industry. We offer an array of courses in various fields which are taught by Industry Experts who are known to all who need no Introduction like Chef Ranveer Brar, Chef Kunal Kapur, Singer Guru Randhawa, and so many more. Who better can teach you how to make a career than the Industry Accolades like our Celebrity Masters, who’ve already proved their talent and won the hearts of millions and are nowhere to share their success stories and secrets with you.


  • Certification and Launchpad Opportunities- Each Master Class that you take helps you to become a Certified Whizard in your Domain, and help you gain a certificate which is signed by our Whiz Masters and will be the crown jewel in your CV. Apart from just getting certified with our Masters, we also provide you with a Launchpad Opportunity, which is essentially a chance for you to start your career and get Mentored by our Whiz Masters. To be the lucky person, all you have to do is to complete and submit the launchpad assignment and we’ll select the best ones and provide them a chance to begin their career certifications with our Whiz Celebrity Masters


  • Whiz Partner Universities- Whiz League doesn’t just stop to equip their students with the right skills, but also guides them towards a prosperous career with our Whiz University Courses, which are going to help them learn the A to Zs of the Industry that they are passionate about. We have tied up with Renowned Universities from around the world which are catering to every need a student can have in terms of his/her career.

  • Job Assistance- What’s the point of learning and garnering new skills if you can not find a place or an opportunity to use and flaunt them. That is why Whiz League provides you with various opportunities which will help you land the jobs of your dreams and also assist you to discover opportunities on your own. Apart from this, we provide you with Launchpad opportunities as well, which provides you a chance to launch your career with our Whiz Masters.


With all the stuff that we just mentioned, we don’t think there’s any doubt left on whether Whiz League is the right place for you to start your career. Now the only question left unanswered is when do you wanna take the next step towards your Dream Career.