The TEDCO way of making careers


Sometimes to get to your dream career, you have to sacrifice a lot. To travel that road, you have to struggle and hustle more than you have ever in your life. And after all this only, you can make your dream career. But what is a Career? Is it just a mere job to support your living expenses and your family’s? Is it a way for you to live your life comfortably? Is it a way for you to fulfill your aspirations or is it more than that? People often confuse what having a good career is all about. Many times, when we think of a career, we just think of a job or a business through which we can earn a living, but it is so much more than that,


You see, a career is not just a medium for you to earn money so that you can live and enjoy your life after your job, because your career is also a part of your life, in which you’ll invest so much of your time. So your career should not just help you enjoy your life outside the job, but it should be a career that you have fun while pursuing. So do a job that you’re passionate about, a job that you actually enjoy doing, a job that you are not just doing for the sake of making money, but something that you actually wanna do in your life. 


Here at Whiz League, our goal is to build careers for people in fields that they are passionate about and equip them with skills that will help them make a career that they enjoy. And with our recent venture to revolutionize the Culinary Industry by building careers for various aspiring chefs and food aspirants with our Online Diploma in Culinary Arts from TEDCO.


TEDCO is one of the leading culinary schools in India, which is part of the 30-year-old Tedco Group. The Diploma course from TEDCO has made the dreams of many aspiring chefs such as Chef Govind come true!

Chef Govind who was one of the aspiring chefs like many others from this country wanted to pursue a career in the Culinary Industry. He always had a passion for it but didn't know where to start, which is a problem for many individuals in this country, because obviously passion drives you towards your dream, but to turn into a career you need real practical skills.


So Govind started his journey towards becoming Chef Govind by realizing that to make a career in the Culinary Industry, he needed to equip himself with the necessary skills that will help him land a good job in the industry. That's when Govind discovered the Whiz League's offering of Whiz League X TEDCOs Online Diploma in Culinary Arts, in which he was able to grasp the basics of culinary arts and traveled his way towards becoming a culinary industry professional from the comfort of his home. And within a few months, he got his diploma and got a marvelous job at an amazing restaurant.


Like Govind changed his life by pursuing his dream career in the Culinary Industry, you can also take the first step towards becoming a top-level chef with Whiz League X TEDCOs Online Diploma in Culinary Arts!!!